Central High School

Central High School provides an educational opportunity for students in grades 9-12 whose educational, social, or vocational needs have not been met by a regular education program. The purpose of Central High School is to provide students who have not been successful in a regular school program the opportunity to continue their high school education. The goal of the program is to help students become competent in academic, social, and life skills that are necessary to live and work as a responsible citizen. Credits earned toward graduation are transferred to each student's home high school where the diploma will be granted.

Academics Central High School programs provide a learning environment that empowers students, with the help of parents, teachers and community, to strive to reach their full potential. The Central High School contracts with community resources (such as creative writing, music, weight lifting, yoga, swimming, etc...) to provide outside-the-classroom learning experiences. Learning is often theme-based. Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing are priorities as are the arts, technology and service learning. Learning is results-oriented. A primary role of Central High School is to help students develop self-discipline and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Students are actively engaged in the learning process through the development of continual learning plans. The learning environment includes both individualized and group instruction. Students are grouped according to their learning needs.
Special Programs and Services * School Social Worker * Teenage Pregnancy & Parenting Program (TAPP) * School Nurse * Guidance Counselor * Police Liaison Officer * Work Experience Program * Chemical Awareness Specialist * Special Educator
Teenage Pregnancy & Parenting Program (TAPP) Who: Any pregnant or parenting teen that needs a high school diploma. What: * High school education * Specialized courses for the pregnant teen and teenage parent * School based child care center Classes: Parenting & Living Skills (includes): * Parenting * Family Living * Nutrition * Resource Management Teen Mom Seminar (includes): * Support Group * Public Health Nurse - Prenatal Instruction * Early Childhood Family Education - Parenting education with children * Vocational planning and support services