Welcome to Central Freedom School

Central Freedom School is a part of the Mankato Area Public Schools District 77 Area Learning Center and Central Schools’ programming.

Central Freedom School is a year-round High School program serving referred students who are in recovery from Chemical Dependency. Educational costs are the responsibility of the student’s home district, while the cost of the therapeutic portion of the program is the responsibility of the county of residence, students’ insurance provider or the family of the student.

Enrollment Procedures

  • Upon agreement with the student and family, a service provider using a completed application will refer the student to Central Freedom School.
  • Central Freedom School Staff will review the applicant’s academic records and current treatment plan to ensure the ability to meet the student’s needs. Intake will occur as soon as possible after acceptance, on a space available basis.
  • Students deemed unsuccessful at Central Freedom School will be given the option to immediately transfer to Central High School. Return to Central Freedom School is pending success with a treatment plan and approval by Central Freedom School Staff.
All referral materials should be sent to:
Kathy Johnson, Principal
Central Schools
110 Fulton Street
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: (507) 387-3047
Fax: (507) 387-7737