Hi, my name is Emma Sill and I am a first year Teacher at Central High School teaching Health Science! My background is as a nurse and I have a passion for healthcare and caring for those around me!

I also am passionate about staying active by participating in triathlons and marathons and encouraging those around me. I am married to Mr. Sill who is also a teacher at Mankato West High School.

I teach the Introduction to Health Occupations where we explore different careers in Healthcare along with medically relevant topics. I also teach Disease and Disorder where we take a look at the different body systems and explore different disorders affecting those body systems. My final class that I teach is the Certified Nursing Assistant class where we learn skills about caring for someone and learn hands-on skills. At the end of the class students will be able to take the MN State Certified Nursing Assistant Test to become certified and start working as a Nursing Assistant.

I am a traveling teacher; I teach at Central High School part time and then travel between West and East High School for the rest of the day or semester. If you need to get ahold of me, the best way would be to email me at .

Contact: Emma Sill